The "Future of the Financial Market" Award

All-Russian Award "The Future of the Financial Market"
The award is given to the best young specialists of the financial and economic profile from 18 to 30 years old, who have shown themselves in professional, scientific or social areas and are interested in the development of the Russian financial market.

In 2018, the award ceremony was held as part of the celebration of the All-Russian professional holiday "Financier's Day" on September 13.
Gala evening "the Day of the financier"
Nomination at the Awards
    Professional development
    The nomination is intended for those who have already achieved career success and declared themselves in the financial market. If you have significant experience, you have speeches in the media or publications in professional publications – this nomination is for you!
    Academic and scientific achievements
    The nomination is intended for professionals in their subject or scientific field. If you have shown yourself in Olympiads, scientific and educational competitions, are engaged in research activities and have a high academic performance – this nomination is for you!
    The best project in the field of finance
    The purpose of the nomination is to support projects in the field of finance, the project should have a social orientation or be associated with new financial technologies. Tell us about your project: the idea, the scale, the stages of implementation, the results. And, perhaps, your project will be the best!

    Stages of the Award
    Stage 1 (from May 7 to August 15)
    acceptance of applications for the Award
    Stage 2 (from August 16 to August 31)
    formation of a short list of candidates for each nomination
    Stage 3 (from September 1 to September 10)
    selection of winners by the Expert Council of the Award